10 reasons to automate your food business in 2020!

We have stated the same statement previously as well in our other blogs, that, the restaurant business is one of the most dynamic and full of challenges. 
The reason for this statement is, the presence of so many business operations running altogether and in a synchronization!
Whether, it is inventory management, vendor management, billing, order, taxation, waste management, or any other operation; you got to have a team or an automation system tool to manage and take care of them!
But, in 2020, things are getting ever further, and almost every restaurant operations are taking the help of automation to make the task simple, fast to execute, easy to run, and of course PROFITABLE!
In this blog, we will talk about-10 reasons to automate your food business in 2020, before it is too late!

1) Vendor Finalisation
With increasing population and tight working schedules of people, it is getting tough and time-consuming to manage vendors manually or with old-fashioned!
You can not let your customers wait for orders to prepare because your vendor has not arrived with inventory! 
Your vendors have to be professional like you; else you are going to bear the loss, and lose reputation with the time!
With automation, you can decide which vendor to finalize, and which to avoid. 
Efficient automation like Restro Sense analyze your past vendor-performance, and help you decide which vendor you should go with for the long!
Thus, saving your time, money, and efforts, and keeping the restaurant reputation to highest priority!

2) Inventory
Automation helps you manage, utilize, and consume inventory to its fullest. 
You can also avoid pilfering and wastage with automation- because, with it, you can better get an idea of how much to use while cooking a dish! 
You avoid extra consumption, wastage, and thus ensures the best possible utilization of inventory!

3) Billing
Billing is a necessary process, and you can not prefer to prepare them manually in 2020! 
You must have to take care of taxes, bills ID, item consumed, and other charges to make an accurate bill. Also, you can not afford to do with errors in the billing process! 
Hence, you should better look for a more reliable solution, like a restaurant automation tool which can help you in super-fast and super-accurate billing process!

4) Orders
Do you think your customers would love to stand in a queue for their orders to be placed?
Well, not! Because not every customer has time to stand in queue and wait for orders to be placed. 
There are others, actually, plenty of other options available for customers. Hence they would prefer to go to a shop/ restaurant/ food court, where they have can avoid the queue, or be a part of it for a fraction of time to place their orders!
You can help your customers by avoiding queues with super-quick order processing through automation!
Smart and robust automation can help you place orders as quickly as you run your figures! Such excellent order processing will help you avoid queues, take orders real-quick, and bring a smile on your customers' faces!

5) Taxation
Calculate tax is a tedious yet legally essential task. This is why; you have to make sure you calculate the tax/ fee correct, corresponding to the orders placed!
In this decade or 2020, when the tax system is digital, you can not tax risk of tax errors, or be ready to face penalties!
Automation helps you calculate tax for every order systemically! Thus, avoiding errors, saving time in such lengthy calculation along with efforts, and making your taxation process error-free!

6) Waste Management
Before you start your restaurant, plan for waste management, first!
Please do a thorough check of how you are going to dispose of garbage, to ensure its minimal environmental impact!
You have to think of your surroundings as well, along with your restaurant hygiene with the professional waste management process!
Automation tools like Restro Sense help you manage restaurant waste in the most effective ways by utilizing inventory to its fullest! Thus, minimizing the waste generated and keeping your restaurant premises safe and hygiene!

7) Feedback
With automation, you can collect feedback much more comfortably, smarter, and analyze them for restaurant betterment.
When you collect feedback, you can use them for your service upgrade, food quality betterment, and increase customer satisfaction!
And, when you apply feedback, your customer retention increases many times; thus, you many-fold your business.
With automation, you can automate your feedback and review system, and run smart campaigns based upon the inputs!

8) Shift Management
Are you running your restaurant for 24/7? Or are you planning to do so? Get the most needed help from restaurant automation for shift management.
With restaurant automation like Restro Sense, shift management is quite comfortable. Like, whether you have to create shifts, transfer shifts, transfer money & transaction from one shift to another, assign a duty, etc., are done seamlessly! And, you can run your restaurant for 24/7 with confidence and analyze which shift is performing better!

9) Report and Analysis
Want to do performance analysis? 
No worries because you have a restaurant automation tool that will help you get reports generated and analyzed!
With a bunch of dedicated and custom reports, you can better analyze your restaurant performance, find & fix loopholes, run necessary checks, and thus increase restaurant performance!

10) Digital Branding
Digital Branding is the most necessary element of today's promotion. 
You must have a dedicated digital platform where you showcase and present your restaurant offerings, and connect with your customers and target audience.
Apart from this, from digital media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. you can run advertising and branding at a quite nominal cost. Thus, giving you an advantage of the targeted promotion at an affordable price!
Also, you can start selling your food, and other offerings via online websites, or through your complete custom online food ordering & delivery app. 
You can also become a food supply partner with the third party business provider as well for additional revenue!

So, these were those highly 10 recommended reasons for which you must have to automate your restaurant business in 2020, and bring it to the digital world with unmatched performance!

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