10 things people notice in your restaurant when they come first!

Since digitization has been a keen part of people's life- everyone becomes a lot aware of their surroundings, business activities, places they are visiting, and people they talk to!

People now ensures first before; with whom they are doing business or visiting a restaurant, or meeting someone, or planning an outing! And make sure to have a clear & initial idea to avoid any confusion or problem later!

And, similarly, nowadays, when people put a lot of checks on when they visit any restaurant.

For instance, what and how they are serving? How the ambiance of the restaurant, and many others.

This blog will help you find those 10 things people notice in your restaurant when they come first!

So, let's start with the content now!

1) How Welcoming your restaurant is!

If customers have to look for someone to attend & listen to them, it's quite contrary to their experience!

Try to have someone at the door to welcome customers. And, if you are running a shortage of resources - you can have some to attend customers once they come, and the rest of the time the same person can be engaged in other work!

Welcoming customer is very positive, dynamic, and helps create a positive aura in the restaurant's atmosphere!

2) How quick your ordering is!

Do customers have to wait for long to get their orders accepted? If yes, then as a restaurant, you must think of automation now.  You can either go with a restaurant management system or a POS to help you process orders real-quick.

When you decrease your customer's wait time - you increase your customer retention by increasing satisfaction. From a study, increasing customer retention by a few numbers can shift your revenue by more than 50%! Or even higher!

3) Can customers order anything from your menu list?

Make sure to have enough inventory stocked to serve every offering from your menu list! Because, if you have to say NO to a dish requested by a customer - that sounds poor!

Always try to have adequate availability of required raw materials for any menu to be prepared! It will help you avoid awkward moments!

4) Do you listen to your customers?

Taking feedback with the customer post-meal let them feel that you care about them. 

You care about what you offered to them.

You can take suggestions while taking orders and feedback post their dine-in. Listening to customers also helps you upgrade your services and thus grow your restaurant sales!

5) How Quick You Prepare Orders?

Are you fast enough to prepare orders, and have it delivered on customers' tables? If yes- it is brilliant for you! It will give you an ROI very soon!

But, if you take more time than a considerable one, then here is a problem. Because no one wants to wait long for the order to be prepared, and, if it happens, it can affect your brand value. 

6) Billing

Ensure to bill proper and error-free! 

Having any mistake in the bill can create a doubt in customer's minds about your loyalty! It will let them thought whether the past bills were also correctly or not!

And, this can harm your brand value like never before! Avoid it to happen at any cost!

7) Hygiene

Do you keep & serve hygiene food? Whether your kitchen is hygiene or not? What about the serving plates? Etc.

A hygiene restaurant attracts everyone because hygiene ensures healthy food, and it is directly related to customer's health!

Food served with hygiene adds stars to a restaurant's reputation, in its value, and towards its overall outlook!

8) Cleanness

How clean is your restaurant? How neat are its surroundings? 

Whether your table, chair, fan, lights, roof, and other items are clean or full of spiders, dust, carbon, etc.?

Better cleanness makes customers feel comfortable and help them enjoy their meal with a relaxed mind!

Dusting and cleaning should be an essential daily task as your restaurant management process and should never be skipper!

Try to keep the entire restaurant and premises clean. Take care of waste professionally, clean washroom regularly, clean kitchen, utensils, and remove dust from every corner of the restaurant to avoid any issue related to cleanness.

This move of yours will extremely uplift your customer experience, and help you retain them for a longer time!

9) Reviews

How good your reviews are? The better you have reviews from customers, the better is the probability to have sales! Because nowadays people search for restaurant reviews on their mobile, first! And, if feedback/ reviews are up to their mark- they would love to come and visit your restaurant!

Higher the positive response- more chances of the customer getting attracted to you.

Sometimes, customers also look for the review post their visit to a restaurant and submit their feedback after that!

You can request your customers to share their experience, about your restaurant, food, services, dine-in experience, and others!

While having negative inputs about your restaurant can affect your sales. Hence keep a close eye on it and try to maintain your reviews always!

10) Offers, Discount, and Rewards Points

Do you offer discounts, offers to new customers, any welcome offer, or have any reward points? If yes, then, this is good for you!

Because once a customer goes to any restaurant or food outlet, they try to see if there is any offer, discount, or reward system which can help them cut their bill size. And, if they found any, it is like a perk for them.

So, if you have not gone with any offer, discount, or reward points by now, you should think of it now before your competitors start capitalizing on it!

So, these were those 10 things a customer look for when he/ she visits any restaurant for first. And, also on their further visits.

Please let us know how you like the content. And, if there is any feedback for us, feel free to share!

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