10 ways you can keep your customers with you, always!

Increasing competition in the restaurant industry has created challenges for restaurant owners & managers to retain their customers for long and expand their base!

Restaurant Managers are trying various ways to keep their customers with them because a restaurant not only has to face increased competition with their neighboring restaurants but also has to increase their revenue as well.

This blog will help you know- how you can keep customers with you for long and increase customer retention! Let's begin now;

 1) Offers

You can try offers to attract new customers, and it will also your restaurant keep the current customers with you- because no one hates OFFERS!

Offers like, combo, buy one get one free, freebie on a fixed bill amount, etc. can help you keep your customers with you along with giving you additional customers as well!

2) Discount

The discount seems similar to offers, but at a discount, you decrease the price and give the same food at a lower price! Hence you provide something extra at the same price and keep customers happy. Thus, increasing your customer retention.

Apart from this, with the discount, you help customer decrease their bill size, do up & cross-sell along with the main course, and increase restaurant revenue with multiple orders as well!

3) Rewards Point System

When you appreciate, thank, and feel gratitude towards your restaurant customers for their visit to your restaurant- you let them feel special, unique, and a valuable client for your restaurant!

With rewards points, your customers can pay the bill, purchase something useful, or redeem it to get something complimentary! And, these small moves of yours help you keep customers with you for long!

4) Feedback & Suggestions

Taking feedback & suggestions with customers, not only increases your restaurant services but also let customers feel unique about them. 

When you take feedback, post-meal served with your customers, or collect suggestions before serving food, let them think that you care about their input, and want to serve them exactly what they need. And, when you care about their contributions- no one can beat you in client-retention.

5) Custom Offer

It is something; many restaurants don't do carefully! They do not collect their customer's details and utilize it.

While taking feedback, you can ask customers' email address, birthday, anniversary date, and other select dates- and use these details to send them customized offers. And, invite them to your restaurant to come and celebrate their day! 

Your greeting message and invitations will help your customers feel SPECIAL about them. And, when a customer feels special, he/ she feels connected. Thus, you retain with them for longer than those who do not try such creative practices!

6) Quality

Work upon your restaurant quality, and try to improve it with inputs from your customers. 

When you improve your food quality and offer, you win your customers' hearts and build a new connection. Apart from this with improved quality, you can also attract new customers as well, and earn free word of mouth publicity!

7) Service

Service includes; how you serve your customers, how you welcome & Attend them, and how you feel them comfortable, etc.!

When it comes to customer experience & satisfaction- letting your customers feel comfortable & enjoy the meal is the next big thing you can do to win there vote!

Better customer experience leads to a better retention rate!

8) Ambiance

How nicely you have presented your restaurant, interior, lighting, table positions, view to the sky, roof, and anything which enhances the "FEEL" of the restaurant- comes under this!

Try to make your restaurant ambiance very pleasant and relaxing. Play soothing music, have low light, have an open area to sky/ space, etc. And, such a relaxed atmosphere at your restaurant will undoubtedly uplift your customer experience! Thus, client retention.

9) Collect Reviews

You can request your customers to share their reviews about your restaurant, service, food, space, parking, staff, and everything they experienced on your social media!

Positive & happy reviews will bring more customers, increase retention, and hence the business.

From a study, just a mare increment in retention rate care increase your revenue by more than 50% or even more.

10) Support through Digital Media

Social Media Platforms are not just the digital communication platform to share things with loved once, but also a brilliant tool to brand, share, update, promote, sales, and even generate business leads.

Similarly, for the restaurant business, SOCIAL MEDIA can work as a brilliant system to cater to clients, and resolve their issues.

Like with Twitter, you can handle your customers' queries and reply to them accordingly. On Instagram, you can share the latest, tempting, and new dish to your customers. Collect their feedback. Use it. And, present new food items to clients to make them happy! 

And, when a customer is happy- he/ she lasts for long!

So, these were those 10 things you can improve your customer retention and therefore increase sales!

Please let us know how did you like the content. And, if there is any feedback for us, just let us know.

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