5 things to take care of in your MULTIPLE OUTLETS in the Restaurant Business!

Running a restaurant business is not a piece of cake as everyone can not do it! Because in restaurant business operations, you have to manage multiple tasks and ensure perfect coordination between them for seamless output- and this takes efforts, time, and certain resources!

If you are running more than a restaurant outlet- it is time to think even deeper! 

With multiple outlets, you have to make a balance between the various processes of the outlets running, like resources, profit, customer satisfaction, etc., and ensure an incremental performance.

There are a bunch of challenges associated with multi-outlet operation & administration. And, in this blog, we will talk about things to take care of in your MULTIPLE OUTLETS in the restaurant business!

1) Defined SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures (SOP))

When it comes to the management of multiple restaurant outlets- the most critical steps are in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

If you have detailed, well & predefined, and simple to follow SOPs, you can better manage each restaurant outlets.

A cleared SOP helps you minimize or avoid chaos, thus running things smoothly!

See, with structured Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)- your working staff can better find a solution to a problem, channelize resources, process orders, and manage clients & things, seamlessly. And, all the stuff in all outlets, in no time. Of course, inevitably & without confusion!

Additionally, with straight SOPs, you can manage the quality at every outlet, and deliver the same experience to each customer, anywhere!

2) Inventory, Vendor, and Menu Management!

To manage multiple restaurant outlets, the responsibility to manage inventory & vendor comes to the first! Because you can not afford to manage inventory in a few restaurant outlets and not in the rest! This will affect consumer experience and thus, the brand value!

You have to ensure a balanced inventory in all outlets to keep orders coming, which is why inventory management plays a vital role in multiple restaurant outlets.

Also, you have to manage vendors as well to ensure the proper supply of stocks to your outlet. Because if any day, any vendor miss bringing the required inventory- it is going to be a trouble for that particular restaurant outlet!

Whether you go to any Pizza Hut or Dominos, you would notice the same taste of pizza or whatever the dish you order- and this is because they manage inventory of each outlet with total quality and multiple checks!

With a centralized restaurant outlet management system, you can better see which outlet is running short of the inventory and which is surplus.

Thus, transfer the required material from surplus to deficit one; can ensure seamless order processing.

Here Restaurant Sense which is one of the most sought after AI-Powered Cloud-based Restaurant Management System, makes multiple-outlet management smooth and time-saving than traditional ways of management.

Such brilliant tools make your multiple-outlet management quite better!

3) Shift and Staff Management

Managing your shifts & staff comes the next important element of the Multi-Restaurant-Outlet Management process!

You have to ensure sufficient Human Resource (Staff) available in all outlets to keep operations running and balanced. Also, whether you are 24/7 or 12 hours running outlet, managing shifts and employees can not be ignored!

As a restaurant outlet manager, it is your job to manage each of the employees, communication with staff, their shifts, performance, needs/ requirements, etc.

You can try even automation like Restro Sense, to manage your multiple outlet shifts, staff, responsibilities, and other jobs, 360 degrees!

4) Automation

If you want to manage all restaurant outlets with total quality & complete satisfaction- you can go for an automation tool which is a complete Restaurant Management System.

With automation, you can perform major & minor tasks like listed below in all outlets (from a single computer and centralized location):

A) Vendor

B) Inventory

C) Low Stock Alerts

D) Transfer of Surplus Inventory from one outlet to other

E) Staff

F) Shifts

G) Orders

H) Performance 

I) Outlet Reports & Analysis

J) And, many more jobs!

Restaurant Management tool for multiple outlet management like Restro Sense can give wings to your outlet-management. Thus, it helps you generate business from all food outlets by managing all the above tasks, professionally!

Tip: With Restaurant Management System like Restro Sense - you can avoid even pilferage and inventory theft as well, other than all the jobs listed above!

5) Location

Location can decide whether your outlet will perform well or not!

Try to open up your new restaurant outlet at a location where you can supply resources if needed, like inventory, staff, orders, etc.! This check will help you ensure the brand values and customer satisfaction!

Having an outlet location that is hard to manage & locate will result in poor performance and so the customer experience.

Try to ensure better and seamless connectivity between franchise/ multiple outlets. It will help you process orders on time, avoid delay, keep the taste the same, and customers happy!

So, these were those 5 things you should manage if you are running multiple restaurant outlets. And, if implemented correctly, it will bring your business to a new height!

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