What today's generation is looking at their food?

Food is an essential part of our life, as it gives us the energy to execute our everyday tasks!

You can fast for a day or maximum up to a couple of days- but not more than that- because at last, you need food to survive.

But, now the definition of food has changed.

Food has become more healthy, less oily, easy to cook, and holistic from the nutrient perspective!

Since we are now loaded with a bunch of tasks to do each & every day, and less time for ourselves- the subject, food, has become more exciting and full of research! Because- you have to make sure you eat right, appropriate, on time, and full of required calories to give you boost for daily tasks.

Which is why nowadays TV, new papers, and other visible media platforms are full of ads of health supplements, vitamins, mineral, and other energy drinks, to help you get daily essentials through this!

And so, it has become a part of our daily life!

Also, we have genetically modified or modified vegetables, crops, fruits to make them more healthy and full of energy. That's why millennials are looking for food that complements their all need and gives required effectiveness to run the entire day!

In this blog, we shall talk; what is today's generation looking at their food plate, and why?

Let's go with the content now!

1) Less Oily Food

Since people are packed with their tight daily schedule, they have less time to walk, exercise, go to the gym, or do cardio daily. Which is why millennials are shifting towards less oily food. Or food cooked with healthy oil!

It's okay to eat oily food once in a week or two weeks (if you want), but if you are eating such food more frequently, it is going to create problems for you after some time!

Remember, oily food is hard to digest and start accumulating in the form of FAT, hence making you overweight and less energetic! It is a reason why people are going for less oily food! 

Plus millennial or young generation prefer to go to a restaurant which uses either less oil or easy to digest quality oils! Because when it comes to the quality food- people want it, irrespective of its pricing!

So, as a restaurant, you should try to keep less oily food in the menu list, because it will give you an edge than those who do not even start to think like that!

2) People love to have complete food!

Yes, less oily and even cooked with quality oil is the priority of today's generation. 

Well, this is not only the one!

Instead of focusing just on less oil, low fat and calories food items, with a holistic view - it is the next choice!

Like, it should have adequate vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, and carbs to fill the daily requirements of the body. And, don't make eaters malnourished!

That's why (packed) food items now come with enough essential vitamins, protein, and fat to supplement your daily needs of the body! And, because of this trend, you should also try to add meals in your restaurant or food court's menu, which is not only complete but comes with a holistic view of food's essential ingredients as well!

And, if you already have this on your menu list- you are doing pretty good, and soon you will have a considerable customer base or followers, who love your food!

3) Try not to INCLUDE a lot of Fast Food in MENU LIST!

Want to serve FAST FOOD as well? Go for it. But not only fast food!

Because the trend is shifting now, and people prefer more healthy and less fast-food on their table!

It is fine to party with your friends, family, or colleagues and has fast food, but from a study, quite fewer people prefer to have fast-food once in a week or a month!

So, if less fast-food is going to consume- why need to worry about it in your menu list and invest in its inventory management? True?

The young generation believes in living truly free and thinks beyond our wildest expectations than ever. Therefore, they need of food items which are holistic, full of energy, and easy to digest!

4) Use locally Sourced or Produce Food Ingredients!

When you use locally sourced or produce food items, you better can put quality checks on them. 

Also, it helps you ask the vendor to replace the inventory if it does not match your standards! 

Plus, locally sourced or produced food items are fresh and taste better. Thus you uplift customers' experience by serving them fresh, tasty, and healthy food!

5) Affordability

People are happy to pay for healthy food, but it should be affordable as well for the broadest population. Because, if the food is costly, irrespective of being healthy, fewer people will try it!

The majority of people love to go to restaurants that use organic, sustainable, and locally sourced produce food items! Also, try to keep transparency with your customers about the ingredients to make them feel connected and being honest with them!

Additionally, try to keep your restaurant menu fresh, creative, innovative, and connected with your audience on emails, messages, and aggressively on SOCIAL MEDIA!

So, these were the top 5 things - today's generation is looking at their food, and as a restaurant, you should take care of this!

Please let us know how did you like the content. And, if there is any feedback or suggestions for us, feel free to share it with us.

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